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The feature every customer looks for in a car is the clean interiors. We guarantee an immaculate ride.

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Your ride’s cost is broken down into individual expenses for a more transparent view of what you are being charged.

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Connecting with us at any time of the day can get you safely through the city to your destination.

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Our drivers and AI support follow the map and take only the smooth roads to assure you a safe ride home.

Rental Vehicles

Radio Taxi

Starting $44/day

Vehicle Type: Sedan

4 Doors, 5 Seats

Transmission: Automatic

More Details

Travel on the road through the cities in ultimate luxury and get all the eyes on the way averted to your ride.

Monarch Sport  

Starting $44/day

Vehicle Type: SUV

4 Doors, 7 Seats

Transmission: Automatic

More Details

Experience higher comfort on a fun ride along with your family. The automatic transmission makes navigation through traffic easier.

Nexus Passenger

Starting $44/day

Vehicle Type: Van

4 Doors, 8 Seats

Transmission: Automatic

More Details

Hit the higher terrains and climb them with this monster, steering you through all the hurdles to a memorable ride.

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Convenient ride.

Classy cars on the list.

Greatly maintained vehicles.

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Happy rides have led to immense love for our services. Every soothed soul boosts up five stars on our scale.

Their impeccable services made my business trip a lot more convenient, providing me with a much-needed escape.
Leslie T. Grimes

Everything from booking a car to returning looked seamless, making it almost impossible to find a flaw.
Roberta W. Loomis

A countryside trip on their car for the week saved me some money and gave me one of the best rides ever.
John S. Marx

No matter Where You Travel -We’ve Got A Cab For You

Disinfecting cars before & after each ride.

As the situation around the world seems to remain uncertain, we take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe.

Chauffeurs will wear masks & gloves at all times.

The rear half of the car is covered and separated from the driver’s seat, and wearing masks and gloves have also been made compulsory.

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Cell Lookup Phone Reverse – Two Reasons for You to Begin Searching

Cell Lookup Phone Reverse – Two Reasons for You to Begin Searching

Are you ready to conduct a phone number reverse lookups? There are many reasons to do a Cell Lookup Phone Reverse. In this article I will describe the two main reasons to do your own Cell Lookup Phone Reverse. It’s easier than you think and no one will ever know that you’ve done a Cell Lookup Phone Reverse.

Cell Lookup Phone Reverse – Reason #1 – Prank Callers

One of the biggest reasons to do your own Cell Lookup Phone Reverse is to find out the identity of prank callers. You know what I mean…that caller who doesn’t say anything after you pick up the phone or even worse, begins shouting obscenities at you? Though the source of your prank caller might just be some unattended kids having fun at your expense, it also might not.

Studies have shown that many burglars and even violent criminals begin their quest for their next victims by first calling them. It’s their way of “casing the joint”. Who answers the phone, when the phone is answered or not and your reaction to their uninvited calls are all information that a would-be criminal might try to use against you.

It’s much better to be safe than sorry, so a cell lookup phone reverse may be your first line of defense.

Cell Lookup Phone Reverse – Reason #2 – Confirm Your Suspicions

Do you ever wonder if your spouse or mate is cheating on you? Ever wonder who these unknown phone numbers on your phone bill belong to? Or maybe you just want to know who hangs up on you when you answer the phone, but never on your spouse or mate. Perhaps you want to know who your child is talking to using that stealth or secret underground language (do they really think they we were never teenagers?).

It’s normal to have suspicions like these, especially when we are talking about other people and whether they are being truthful or not. Statistics have shown that one of every six married persons has had an affair while married. One in six! With couples who are not married, this number gets even bigger. And we also know that while overall drug use in our nation has declined over the last several years, among our teens, it is still very high (no pun intended!).

It is well within reason and I believe one of your rights, to know what is going on in the lives of your spouse and children. The technology exists today for you to have all of your questions answered truthfully. When you conduct a Cell Lookup Phone Reverse, you CAN find out who your spouse or kids have been talking to, whether they tell you or not.

Whether to find out who is prank calling you or to confirm (or deny) any suspicions that you may have, you do have a course of action to take. A simple Cell Lookup Phone Reverse can reveal all that you are seeking.

There are many companies that can offer you a Cell Lookup Phone Reverse service. I’ve done ALL the research for you and found what I believe to be the BEST.

7 Tips to Hire A Taxi for the First Time

7 Tips to Hire A Taxi for the First Time

As kinds, were always advised not to ride with strangers. But the times and technology has changed drastically that we hire an unknown person to take us from destination A to B. While initially the concept of hiring a taxi to travel from one place to another was the talk of the town. Nowadays, people have gotten used to the comfort of it. That said, there are people who are still apprehensive about the concept of hiring and driving with a stranger. While most of these taxi experiences are pleasant, and professional, some are disasters and seems like a straight out of a dream. Instead of letting fate and luck decide our destiny, it is imperative to be aware of some of the basic tips before hiring a taxi.

 Consider safety factors

Before you even hire a taxi, you ought to consider some basic factors like their name board, licensing, pricing details, and the type of person driving you to the destination. If you find anything off about any one of the things mentioned, you’re free to call it off.

 Enquire about the pricing

Since it is your first taxi experience, you might be bound to overpay or the driver might overcharge you for your ride. Hence, before you hire one, enquire your neighbors about the fare from that particular location to your destination.

Booking instead of Hailing

Sometimes, forged taxi drivers are often involved with theft and robbery. If they see a valuable item in your hand, or by your side, they mostly come by themselves asking you for drop service. Instead of hailing on them, it is better to book a cab through a company or an agency. In case of any robbery or misconduct, you have the authority in your support to make things right.

Avoid when alone or intoxicated

Hiring a taxi can sound the like the best option when you’re drunk, but in reality it does more harm than good, especially when you’re alone. Taxi drivers might take advantage of your state by overcharging you or harming your sanity or harming you for your possession. The bleak situations are endless. Hence, it is safe to avoid hiring a taxi in such situations.

safety factors

Shroud Valuable items

Although it sounds a bit preposterous, it is an important thing to do before you enter the taxi. Sometimes, the taxi drivers are fake and employ business to make money or steal. The last thing you want to do is fall prey to such frauds. Hence, put them inside your bag/purse to keep yourself and your valuables safe.

 Opt for the back seat

The back seat, away from the driver, is the safest place in the car. It not only not only your dignity, but also keeps you away from any kind of potential harm, the black minded driver could possible impose.

Share your location with a trust able person

This is one of the best ways to make sure you’re safe. Some of the pre-booking cab companies also have an inbuilt option for sharing the location to a known someone. By doing so, they prove their truth-worthiness to the world.

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