Apps that Changed the Taxi Industry

At one point when a person did not have a car or they were visiting another city and needed to get somewhere, they could call a taxi service. The taxi driver would come and pick them up and take them to where they needed to go. A person could also stand outside and stop a cab that came along. That is no longer the case. When a person needs a ride they turn to the internet and apps. These are some of the apps that changed the taxi industry.



This is one of the most well-known taxi apps. A person will go on this app and will message where they need to go. A driver will accept the job and it comes right away. Drivers are regular people with some free time that are contracted by Uber. The customer pays online and the driver gets paid in the same manner. This app has drivers in just about every town. There is even UberAssist which is designed for people with special needs. These drivers will be able to fit a wheelchair in their car and help those with special physical needs. Not too many taxis are able to do that. There’s also Uber Delivery, imagine getting the best Chinese chicken dish delivered to your doorstep!




This is another ride-sharing app that is on demand. There are drivers in over 200 cities around the country. When a person needs to go somewhere they will sign onto this app and put their destination. A driver will then accept based on the type of car a person is looking for. There is also a feature where customers can carpool. If they are going to the same destination or close by destinations they can split the fare of the driver.




This app is in major cities but within the next year, they are looking to expand to smaller towns. The pricing on this site is a little lower than other companies and they do not charge an additional fee if a person needs a ride during the busy hours. The drivers are paid competitive wages instead of a percentage of the fair of the ride.




this is one of the newer apps. There are two types of rides that a person can take. They can take a regular car or they can get a larger SUV if they are traveling in a group. A person will get to see the fairs for the different cars before they hire one. They can also see some options such as carpooling and how much money they can save. During the slower periods during the day, a person can save up to 30 percent off the standard fare for their ride.


These are some apps that are changing the taxi industry. Now just about anyone can work as a driver in their free time. All they need is their own car and a safe driving record. A person can get a ride whenever they need it. They no longer have to wait hours for a cab. All they need to do is open the app and a driver will come right away.